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2009 October – The Florida Times Union interviewed Linda about David Letterman’s affairs with interns and the type of rules/policy companies should have regarding sexual harassment.

2005 September –We were asked for advice on using humor at work without offending others.

2005 March – Michael Plummer was interviewed about the results of the Super Bowl Visitors survey our firm conducted for the city and the airport.

2002 September –Plummer & Associates was interviewed for our expertise in addressing workplace violence.  

2000 November – Linda Plummer provided an in-depth discussion about the four generations in the workplace.

2010 March - Using social networks to hire 'friends'

2008 October – The Jacksonville Business Journal asked how the amendment to the ADA would impact employers.

2008 January – Our firm was featured for ideas on what small-business owners should expect from their first new hire.  

2005 August – We were interviewed about why organizations need diversity/sensitivity training and

provided some suggested approaches.

2005 February – The Journal interviewed Linda about the results of the Super Bowl visitor survey we conducted.

2002 February  - SHRM Online interviewed Linda for ideas on how to get your spouse/partner to support you if you want to go into business for yourself.



Quotes in best selling management books

The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema,1997

Linda Plummer is interviewed about her Human Resources approach to building a motivated work force while employed at Baldridge winner AT&T Universal Card Services. Pages 73-75, 78

Reengineering Management: The Mandate for New Leadership by James Champy,1995

Linda Plummer is interviewed about her leadership approach to Customer Service while working for Baldridge winner AT&T Universal Card Services. Pages 141, 191



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