Linda is one of our most sought after trainers. Her workshops are fast paced, innovative, and very interactive.

Baraz Samiian, former Senior Diversity Consultant, Blue Cross

Client Testimonials

Linda Plummer received the 2007 Jacksonville Trainer

Excellence Award from ASTD and UNF. Following are excerpts from three client nominations.

Ida Gropper, Director
Center for Professional Development & Training
University of North Florida

  • Linda has taught over 17 workshops for UNF on a wide range of topics. Due to wide breadth of knowledge in Human Resources and as a manager, Linda has designed, developed and delivered presentations on topics such as performance improvement, sexual harassment prevention, and behavioral interviewing.

  • Her workshop evaluations consistently validate Linda’s abilities as an effective trainer with 74% of participants rating her 5 on a 1-5 scale and 25% rating her 4.

  • On many occasions, Linda has demonstrated her ability to be a good listener and problem solver. She spent countless hours interviewing teams and providing recommendations and options to management to help improve team effectiveness.
  • Linda has added value to our team through her professionalism, diligence and loyalty. She has demonstrated excellence in both training and consulting. She is a devoted professional who is both considerate and caring.

Baraz Samiian
Former Senior Diversity Consultant

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

  • Linda has developed and facilitated diversity workshops for us over the past 5 years. We consider her a valued partner and collaborator in the success we have experienced in impacting positive change on our culture.
  • Linda is one of our most sought after trainers. Her workshops are fast paced, innovative, and very interactive. She uses an array of methods and learning techniques including assessments, role plays, small group discussions, individual reflection, paired learning, etc.
  • Linda consistently receives evaluations that average 4.9 out of 5 that attest to her being well prepared, comfortable with the materials, a dynamic presentation style, and active involvement of participants in their learning process.
  • Our employees often comment that they sign up for any workshop with Linda’s name because they know it will be interactive, different, and a great learning experience.

Cynthia Persico
Corporate Care Works

  • Linda delivers in a dynamic way each time she’s in front of an audience. She does her homework and truly listens as she gathers input to design an optimal training intervention even when it means challenging participants out of their comfort zone to reach real results.
  • She is creative, smart, diplomatic, and can be counted on to add that “X” factor that is hard to describe yet leaves a significant positive impression.
  • Linda is simply “the total package” as an excellent trainer. She consistently receives among the highest ratings from participants. She makes the training interesting, upbeat, customized, and connects head and heart with participants.



Workshop Participant Feedback

Bridging the Generations Gap

Custom workshop for Counseling Center

  • Linda applied the material in the class to the counseling field.
  • She facilitated dialogue with us about real life situations in our office using the framework of the multi-generational workplace.

Florida Conference for Small Business Development Center Staff

  • Thanks for the very useful information. I rated your session the highest at our conference;
  • You’ve made a professional fan out of me. I will be an active force to bring you back to our annual conference.

Leading a Multi-Generational Team

  • Linda was very knowledgeable about what she was teaching and had a lot of real life examples from her personal life.
  • I really learned a lot about the characteristics of different generations.

Coaching for Improved Performance

  • Course materials very useful and appropriate, not overwhelming for a 3 hour workshop. Wish this were an all day seminar.
  • Great activities for role play/practice. I would recommend this instructor and topic to everyone. Information was useful in work and personal life.

HR Partner

Client feedback from Suzanne Pacheco, Human Resources Manager, Regency Electric

  • Linda Plummer has been our HR  Partner  since 2006.  She has been most helpful to our company whether it’s solving an employee issue or educating us on the ever changing employment laws. 

  • She has reviewed our handbooks and audited our HR Department and has provided great recommendations to our policies and procedures.   It is reassuring knowing that Linda is just a phone call away  for us. Thank you Linda!


Client Feedback from Joseph Adiutori
Past President Marsh Landing Board of Directors

  • On behalf of the over 3,000 residents of Marsh Landing I would like to thank Plummer & Associates for your thoroughly professional design, administration, and responsiveness in the management of our first community-wide survey.
  • Your firm has a wonderful reputation for surveying upscale communities such as ours, which led us to choose Plummer & Associates for our survey. Needless to say our expectations were high, but you scored a home-run in exceeding those expectations.
  • You provided survey reports and CDs that were easy to understand, provided a wealth of information, and will make it easier for us to develop both short and long-term objectives during our upcoming July 13th board retreat. The consensus of our board was “there is gold in them there hills” regarding the wealth of high quality feedback we received. Well done!
  • The combination of the well

    designed hard-copy and electronic surveys made it easy for the Marsh Landing homeowners to participate in the survey, and while we have a response rate for elections of only about 36%, the response to the survey approached almost 50%, a level that also exceeded the expectations of the board of directors.

  • Again, thank you for doing such an outstanding job. I look forward to working with Plummer & Associates in the future.

Meeting Facilitation

Client Feedback from Robin Norton, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources and Training, Community First Credit Union

  • I can highly recommend Linda as a meeting facilitator.  She has completed a number of different initiatives for us including our leadership training, diversity training, focus group sessions and feedback to management.  When opportunities such as these come up, she is the person I select to help us.
  • Linda is professional, her materials are always top notch and she builds an excellent rapport with all levels within an organization.  She takes the time to research the organization, understand the culture and get to know the business.  This really makes her facilitation very effective.

  • I have also worked with Linda co-facilitating sessions and she is a pleasure to work with.  I am a professor at Webster University in the Masters Level HR Program and I often have Linda come in to be a guest speaker with the students on various topics.  She is always very well received.

  • Linda is a multi-talented professional that would be an asset to your program!  

Workshop Participant Feedback

FAIR in Action

  • This is a valuable course and the instructor was great.
  • The best lessons I learned were 1) to be more sensitive to the reasons behind actions; and 2) to be more assertive in expressing my own reasons behind my own actions/responses.

Type and Change

  • I very rarely say this about a training class, but I could have benefited from a bit more time. The 3 hours flew by!
  • What I found most useful is meeting people who had a different personality type and then interacting with them. It was very enlightening.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • When the impact on the individual and the impact on the organization of sexual harassment were listed on the board, Ms. Plummer used those lists very effectively to demonstrate how devastating poor behavior can be for both the object of the harassment and the organization.
  • Very effective workshop. Linda kept things focused but was not oppressive.

The Road to Resiliency – Customized Dept. Retreat

  • Linda always has us think of “real life” situations to apply what we have learned. That is always helpful.
  • Linda is great! I have taken many of her classes.

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