EEOC trends were recently shared by Malcolm Medley, Director EEOC Miami office, at a Jacksonville meeting. Interesting trends include:


They are seeing lots of cases since the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed. Each paycheck triggers a new cycle of 300 days to legislate. Look at bonuses, benefits, and overtime compensation.


A new mission for the agency in 2012 is to stop and remedy discriminatory practices in the workplace. The emphasis is on systemic discriminatory issues. They will accept an individual complaint and then look at the company.


Best Practices

Generational Differences – What To Do?

Generational Differences – What To Do?

The past few weeks I’ve facilitated several Generational Differences workshops and it’s clear the issues are growing as more Gen Y join the workforce. They’re overconfident, chomping at the bit to run with a project without checking in with anyone or learning the history, and say it like they see it.

I recommend three approaches:

1.    Is it something we should just let go of? For example, it used to bother me to see young people with multiple piercings and lots of visible tattoos. I worked on my own reaction to finally accept that this is the fashion for this age group no matter what I think about how it will look when they’re 70.

2.    Does it make sense to go along with what they recommend?  For example, in my early days of consulting I used overheads. I kept getting evaluations that said “should use current technology – PowerPoint”. I have held on to those overheads for years just in case? They are now in the trash.

3.    Use a generational perspective to discuss and coach around what you’d like them to change or understand. During a generations workshop at a hospital recently, a young woman said she felt she should be able to text while in a patient’s room. When others explained how patients and family from an older generation viewed this as not focusing on their life and death situation and being upset about this – she got it. Then we talked about when and where it was appropriate for her to text. The older generation also admitted that they needed to understand and accept that a “digital break” was expected by this younger generation, just as we baby boomers used to make too many personal calls from the land line on our desk.

Our newest team members want to understand the bigger picture and why what they are doing is significant. They need a caring, experienced adult to expand their view of the work world. Children used to learn what’s expected by being around their parents at work. I worked at my Dad’s bowling alley and learned how to provide customer service. Even my Mom’s small community bank had employee’s high schoolers serving cookies in the lobby at the holidays. Many young people today have no idea what their parents do to earn a living – companies are big and children don’t freely come and go at work.

Managers today need to provide the coaching and feedback that parents used to give. I have found that Gen Y will listen, understand, and make a change when we take the time to help them understand.

My New Approach to Time Management – It’s working!

Do you find your work keeps pushing later in the evening and over to the weekends? I decided to take a fresh look at how I manage time after returning from a long relaxing vacation in June and have successfully tried two changes that are working. Read more »

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are used by hikers for a wide variety of purposes: to clear spiderwebs; to part thick grass obscuring the trail; as a support when going uphill or a brake when going downhill; as a balance point when crossing streams, swamps or other rough terrain; to feel for obstacles in the path; to test puddles for depth; and as a defence against wild animals.

Our life experiences may also be viewed as a walking stick. Think of those people or events that cleared the cobwebs from our eyes to reveal a change in direction. One such walking stick for me in 1996 was attending a three-day High Impact Leadership workshop facilitated by Jacksonville based Stop At Nothing.

They created a small group trust-based environment that enabled participants to address the real issues that hold back leaders, teams and organizations from achieving their full potential. I discovered how to make highly effective leadership changes from the inside-out. This experience was the catalyst for my journey to leave AT&T and enter consulting.

We can also be a walking stick for others. Reflect back on your personal and work significant experiences and think about when your actions might have served as a walking stick for others.

As we live each day, let’s be open to the walking sticks we will meet. And recognize that our words and actions may be a walking stick for others. Please share your stories of walking stick experiences.

April is National Stress Awareness Month

Globally more than three out of five doctor visits are stress related. In the U.S. more than $22.8 billion is spent on anxiety-related health care each year.

 Einstein said “The mind that created the problem is not the same mind that solves it.” Read more »

Leadership – Dos Gatos Style

A new cocktail lounge opens in town and after only 2 months in business the owner/manager invites his staff of eight and guests to a bowling party on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone shows up and has a great time. Our daughter, Amanda, dee jays at Dos Gatos and loves her job. From comments she’s shared, I knew I wanted to learn more about the owner’s approach to leading a team. He shows that whatever size the business, there are lots of ways to keep employees charged up.

 Meet Jason Albertelli, owner of Dos Gatos, whose leadership skills have contributed to a successful new business. Here’s what Jason has to say. Read more »

Reducing Bias in Language

People in my diversity workshops often lament that they don’t know how to keep up with the current terms to use for various groups. Just as you have learned to check what you write for spelling, grammar, and wordiness, practice rereading your work for bias. The latest APA manual offers some useful guidance: Read more »

Flexible Work Schedules Create Employee Engagement

I am looking forward to 2010 and a new and improved right shoulder. Having had rotator cuff surgery just before Thanksgiving (no cooking for me) and now continuing with weekly physical therapy, I’ve been able to observe some enlightened people practices at the orthopedic center. Read more »