Some of the tools we use in our work

Personality Assessments


The Myers-Briggs® Type Inventory (MBTI®) is a powerful personality assessment tool that has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others.

We have two certified Myers-Briggs practitioners who have used this assessment with clients for over 10 years. It has proven to be especially useful for team building workshops and executive coaching.

The MBTI is taken online and requires only 10 to 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the type of report desired. We develop custom workshops to interpret individual results and to analyze potential communication issues within the group. The workshops run from 2 to 4 hours.

The MBTI is available in a standard and expanded report. The standard report has 93 questions and is most often used in team workshops. It provides the basic MBTI results in an easy-to-understand report. The expanded report is used in individual coaching. It has 143 questions which provide more detail about the components of each preference.

Here are samples of each report:
     Basic report (Form M)
     Expanded report (Form Q)

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

The TKI is the world’s best-selling assessment for understanding how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics.

The TKI offers a practical way to initiate safe and non-emotional dialogue to resolve conflict. It can also improve organizational productivity by helping people gain insight into their own and others’ behavior—which in turn helps them make better choices about outcomes.

It has 30 questions, is taken online, and requires less than 7 to 10 minutes to complete. The norms in the report are based on a newly revised sample that closely reflects gender, racial, ethnic, and job-level diversity in the workplace. (4000 men and 4,000 women, ages 20 through 70, employed in US between 2000 and 2005)
Click here for a sample report from the TKI.

Click here for a sample report from the TKI.


Team Development Tools

Talking Stick

The picture above is an authentic native American talking stick that we had custom made for us. Talking sticks like ours were used to conduct tribal meetings.

We sometimes use our talking stick to conduct dialogue sessions with small groups. Members must have the stick to speak. Using the talking stick helps groups slow down, pay closer attention to what other speakers are saying, and think more before speaking.

Click here to learn the meanings of the various components of our talking stick.

Vision Web

At a national ODN conference in San Diego, a workshop called Vision Web caught my attention. In the simulation, participants use a web of ropes to stack wood cylinders to demonstrate the importance of a shared vision. This sounded novel and I like having new tools to use in our practice, especially ones that can have a big impact in a short period of time.

To peak my interest even more, the workshop description quoted Joel Barker, the well known futurist and author of Paradigm Shift. Barker considers Vision Web one of the most powerful simulation games for teaching people how important it is to have a shared vision of the future.

Twelve of us attended the Vision Web workshop facilitated by developer, Jose Lopez. Jose ran us through the “ropes” simulation. It was different, fast paced, and insightful. All of us were impressed and felt that Vision Web could be very useful for team building workshops and strategic planning retreats.

I have used Vision Web several times with executive teams, as well as front-line groups. It always engages people and provides a lot of ah ha’s about the importance of teamwork and having/sharing a vision. It generates a lot of positive energy and works well in a 1 to 2 hour time frame.

Case - How I used Vision Web in an executive retreat
Video of actual Vision Web simulation 

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