Working definition of work-life balance:
Meaningful daily Achievement and Enjoyment in each of my four life quadrants: Work, Family, Friends and Self.

Work/Life Balance Workshops

Creating Positive Energy by Managing Stress Effectively

Stress is a universal phenomenon in humans. We read in the news almost daily about increases in stress-related diseases as a result of life styles filled with excessive stress and chronic tension.

While stress cannot be eliminated, we can learn to deal with it effectively to maximize our potential. Join us to identify the stressors in our lives, to understand how these stressors affect us, and to learn and practice a variety of effective coping strategies.



Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Slogans such as “Be all that you can be” and “Just do it” epitomize the emphasis on achieving one’s personal and professional best. We try to be effective workers, friends, spouses, and parents all at the same time and while living in a diverse workplace and community.

This workshop is designed to enable participants to learn and apply concepts and techniques related to becoming more effective in various aspects of their lives. The principles and skills taught can be used to improve balance at work, within important relationships, or in any other areas of our lives.

The program focuses on individual reflection combined with small group problem-solving approaches.

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