Customer complaints are the schoolbooks
from which we learn.

Customer Service Workshops

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Delivering High-Caliber Customer Service

In a world filled with intense competition for customers, no organization can afford to ignore the call for service and product excellence. This program is designed for use in organizations ready to commit to customer service and those interested in renewing their dedication to service excellence. The workshop is designed to build an appreciation of the value of customer service and an awareness of the behaviors that attract and repel customers.It includes practice using effective service behaviors. We'll enjoy the FISH! video, where the energy is so infectious in the Pike Place Fish Market that business people spend their lunch hour just watching the action.

Serving Diverse Customers

This workshop will increase employee awareness of behaviors that customers appreciate. It presents a four-step process for resolving conflicts, handling challenging situations, and service recovery. The process will be practiced through role playing customized customer situations that reflect real situations back on the job.

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