Diversity Workshops


Bridging the Generations Gap.

Ever wonder why people older or younger than you think the way they do? This workshop
will provide fresh insights and practical solutions for understanding generational differences, resolving conflicts, and managing effectively in today’s age diverse workplace.
it will give you:

  • An understanding of the profiles of the four distinct generations working in the
    workplace today – the Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Y.
  • We’ll learn about their demographics, the events that shaped their lives and times,
    predominant traits, work styles, and key messages to keep in mind when recruiting,
    developing, and motivating these members of your workforce.
  • An appreciation that the people who grew up in each generation have a unique and valid perspective on the world, particularly on the world of work.
  • Behaviors that will help improve your communication with people from another generation.

This workshop includes “Name That Tune”, a fun quick tour of music from each of the generations. This informative, fun session will help you bridge the gap with people at work.

Leading a Multi-Generational Team
In our multi-generational workforce, each age group has different points of view, job expectations and different demands. Leaders who cannot recognize these, and who fail to see the contributions of each generation, will lose their best employees and see their workplaces in turmoil.

In this workshop we will learn how to “Gen-Flex” or move into another generation’s comfort zone. We will learn about a model for resolving conflict and will apply it to a generational conflict situation. Join us for this highly interactive workshop.

Living and Working in a Diverse World

This interactive, experiential workshop facilitates participants exploring and concretely visualizing the ways in which factors such as race and gender have played a role in their socialization.

Through an exercise called Global Beads, participants will come to understand that we are socialized by many factors and that in order to learn more about diversity, a conscious and deliberate attempt must be made to create larger areas of familiarity, comfort and trust between people of different backgrounds.

Serving Diverse Customers

This workshop will increase employee awareness of behaviors that customers appreciate. It presents a four-step process for resolving conflicts, handling challenging situations, and service recovery. The process will be practiced through role playing customized customer situations that reflect real situations back on the job.

Conflict As Opportunity

Explore issues around why conflict occurs and how it impacts a diverse work environment. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a three step approach in dealing with and resolving work related conflicts.


Lessons in Diversity Leadership from the Movies

Film – and the energetic discussion it stimulates – provides powerful insights which are the beginning of leadership wisdom and diversity competency. During this workshop we will observe and discuss short scenes about leadership and diversity from the movie Remember the Titans.

These “moments of truth” illustrate what leaders do. Each scene encourages you to get “into the act”, helping you to see yourself playing a lead role, to consider alternative courses of action, and to wonder “What would I do in this situation?”

Women’s Self Discovery: How Do You Deal With Diverse Messages/Voices

Our socialization process – such as childhood messages, stereotyping images in the media, gender expectations, and/or attitudes and feelings toward successful women – impact women’s self-image and often leads to developing feelings of powerlessness.

This highly interactive workshop is designed to help women recognize the “voices & messages” that impact them. We will explore making conscious choices about our life focus and personal success and obtain insight into how the different generations of women in the workplace view these messages.

The Ugly Truth

We like to think that in America, it's people's accomplishments or character that matter. In this workshop we'll learn about a form of discrimination called "lookism".

See real life, hidden camera situations filmed by the 20/20 program, which confirm the persuasive power of good looks. Discover how pervasive "lookism" actually is in our society and how people unconsciously treat others and make decisions about them on the basis of physical appearance.

Working with Diversity: A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

This highly interactive workshop is based on a delightful fable, "A Peacock in the Land of Penguins," which brings to life the challenges of "birds of different feathers" trying to work together, and their continuous struggle trying to be themselves in the conformity-minded Land of Penguins.

 A short video humorously illuminates the importance of understanding and embracing the full range of perspectives that people bring to bear on their work.  We'll discuss ways we can leverage diversity as an asset in our life and for our business, and we'll explore what gets in the way when trying to expand our circle of influence and effectiveness.

FAIR in Action

We will view a video of four real life work interactions involving various dimensions of workplace diversity. We’ll discuss what is going on above and beneath the surface with the people in each situation and explore effective, workable solutions.

The scenarios focus on four powerful skills necessary for positive change: Feedback, Assistance, Inclusion, and Respect. It will improve your ability to relate to the people important to your success – co-workers, managers, customers, and suppliers.

Valuing Differences: Personal Dimensions of Diversity

This workshop encourages participants to reflect on the personal dimensions of diversity that most impact them at work. Through small group work and large group debriefing it increases their understanding of how diversity issues play out in the workplace. We’ll explore how accepting differences supports your organization’s values.


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