The only way to build trust professionally or personally
is by being trustworthy.

--Gerard Arpey, CEO, American Airlines

Leadership Workshops

Leadership at the Movies

Film – and the energetic discussion it stimulates – provides powerful insights. During this workshop we will observe and discuss short scenes about leadership from great feature films such as Sister Act, Dead Poet’s Society, and others. These “leadership moments of truth” illustrate what leaders do. Each scene encourages you to get into “the act”, helping you to see yourself playing the lead role and gaining leadership insights in the process.

Ethics and Business: It’s Not an Oxymoron

Business ethics has often been called an oxymoron. However all organizations are concerned with ethical behavior. A goal of this workshop is to give participants a sense of appreciation for the complex, interrelated sets of issues that workers face as they make choices that involve balancing corporate, personal and societal goals. Participants will gain a framework for analysis and understanding ethical approaches to tough decisions.

Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything.

Trust has become the key leadership competency in the workplace today. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to inspire lasting trust in your personal and professional relationships. When trust goes up, the speed of getting work accomplished also increases. We’ll learn the behaviors common to high-trust leaders throughout the world. Trust begins with each of us personally, continues into our relationships, and creates leadership that inspires confidence.

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